"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."- Marilyn Monroe

Monday, July 11, 2011

Things you dont know about me

1. I grew up in Paulding County Georgia my whole life. It seems like everyone hates it here but me. After going to college I want to come back here to begin a new chapter in my life.
2. I don't really have a mad face, Ive always been told I look when I'm mad.
3. I love reading Marilyn Monroe quotes. They inspire me.
4. I hate when I'm watching a movie and someone is constantly asking, "Who is that?" "What's going to happen next?" & dumb questions like that. For real just watch the movie
5. If you earned a lot of money being a secretary, then I would take that job. I love organizing, filing, and filling out paper work.
6. I love men in uniform. In fact I wish that they had a restaurant where men dressed up hot like hooters.
7. I want to start modeling. I love being in front of the camera.
8. I hate the number eight. It used to be my favorite until my dad and brother passed away when I was in the eighth grade. My dad passed away on the eightteenth in the year 2008
9. I hate frogs, beetles, cocroaches, and pruny fingers/toes.
10. Take me to the beach or the mountains and I will love you FOREVER.
11. When I'm married I would like to have 3 children.
12. I love having dreams, but I dont have them oftern and when I do have them I can never remember the whole thing, and it pisses me off.
13. When I was a young'n I wanted to walk, talk, sing, laugh, eat, and BE Britney Spears.
14. My weight has always bothered me, and I wish I had the motivation to do something about it.
15. I want to travel to France, Italy, Australia, New York, Cali, Grand Cayman Islands, & St.Lucia.
16. My middle name is Denise because my dads name was Dennis and my parents wanted a female verzion of his name. & infact before I was born parents were going to name me Dallas... Which is the city I have grown up in....Thats embarressing
17. My biggest fantasy of a guy is: shirt off or a button down shirt on with it open, holy jeans, and barefoot, covered in oil/greace from a car.
18. Sea lions are my favorite animal after recently going to Sea World. By the way, the Shamu show sucks at Sea World now, so I wouldnt waste my timing seeing it.
19. I have never played a sport in my life. Im not comptetive at all and Ive always been scared that I would let my team down
20. I pretend that I can sing wonderfully when Im in the car.
21. I hate missing school when Im sick. No Im not a nerd, I just hate making the stuff up and teaching myself the material.
22. I love being in love, loving people,& people loving me.
23. I believe in love at first site because thats the only way how I got talking to my current boyfriend Andrew.
24. I believe in fate just like the movie Serendipity. " When love feels like magic they call it destiny, but when destiny has a sense of humor, they call it serendipity"
25. I hate being woken up by obnoxious things such as people yelling, someone taking my blanket or something stupid like that.
26. *BONUS* I plan to get a boob job by the time I turn 21. I think it will boost my confidence and make me feel more like a woman.